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Brief Introduction To The Properties Of 35CrMo Alloy Structural Steel

35CrMo alloy structural steel, has very high static strength, impact toughness and high fatigue limit, higher hardenability than 40Cr, high creep strength and durable strength at high temperature, long-term working temperature up to 500℃; Cold deformation plasticity medium, poor weldability. It is used for important structural parts working under high load, such as transmission parts of vehicles and engines; Turbine generator rotor, main shaft, heavy load drive shaft, large section parts


The STEEL has GOOD MACHINability, after mechanical machining, the cavity deformation and size reduced, after heat treatment can improve the surface hardness, improve the service life of the die. By adding a normalizing or annealing process before quenching heating, the mechanical properties of the material can be further improved by refining the grain, eliminating the reticular ferrite and banded structure.



Hot working specification


Ingot: Heating temperature 1180 ~1200°C, start temperature 1130~1150°C, stop temperature ≥850°C, pit cold.


Billet: Heating temperature 1120~1160°C, start temperature 1070~1110°C, stop temperature ≥850°C, sand cold or slow cooling.


Specification for isothermal annealing


The annealing temperature is (850±10)°C, and the temperature is held for 2h. The temperature is cooled to (720±10)℃ with the furnace, and the temperature is held for 4h. The furnace is cooled below 500°C, and the furnace is air-cooled after the oven.


Specification for high temperature tempering


Tempering temperature (730 ±10)°C, heat preservation 2H, furnace cooling ≤500°C, air cooling out of oven.


Specification for quenching and tempering


Quenching temperature 850 ~880℃, oil cold, hardness 50 ~52HRC; Tempering temperature 580 ~640°C, air cooling, hardness 28 ~36HRC


Specification for pre-hardening treatment


Heating temperature 860 ~900°C, oil cooling, tempering temperature 570 ~70O°C, air cooling, tempering hardness 28~35HRC.



Typical Application Examples


1) Instead of the traditional 45 steel, can be used to make large injection mold or extrusion mold.


2) The steel is suitable for making large plastic moulds for television sets, large cassette recorders and washing machine panels. Its machinability and polishing property are significantly better than that of 45 steel, and its surface roughness is 1-3 grades lower than that of 45 steel under the same polishing conditions.


Such as the production of television shell plastic mold, has formed 240,000 mold times, the mold is still intact. Also produced 18 inch color TV shell plastic mold, large cassette player mold, disc cover mold, and washing machine panel cover mold.

3) Suitable for pressing mold.

4) Suitable for corrosion resistance, high precision mold

Refer to the corresponding material number of each country


German DIN material No. 1.7220, German DIN standard No. 34CrMo4, Chinese GB standard No. 35CrMo, British BS standard No. 708A37, British EN standard No. 19B, French AFN0R standard No. 35CD4, Italian UNI standard No. 35CrMo4, Belgium NBN standard number 34CrMo4, Swedish SS standard number 2234, Spanish UNE standard number 34CrMo4, Japanese JIS standard number SCM432/SCRRM3, American AISI/SAE standard number 4137; 4135.


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