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China Radium intelligent system helps steel production line efficiency "surge"

On the busy production line of a steel mill, another revolutionary technology developed by Lemu is quietly changing the traditional continuous casting production mode of this steel mill, helping the steel mill to achieve automatic billet rate of more than 99%, and bringing significant benefits to the steel mill in job optimization, energy saving and consumption reduction, waste optimization, intelligent scheduling, digital billet casting, etc., far ahead of other steel mills.

Since the introduction of the laser intelligent billet system, facing the complex billet process and changing equipment conditions, the laser intelligent billet system is like a smart butler, accurately controlling the fate of each piece of casting billet. The intelligent billet production system integrates the secondary system of continuous casting and the quality determination subsystem. At the same time, the cutting-edge technologies such as machine vision, intelligent sensors and AI intelligent control are used to realize the digital control of the billet through image acquisition and intelligent analysis. All kinds of sensors accurately control the positioning and transmission of the billet to ensure the intelligence and visualization of the production process.

Since the system went online, the production line of the continuous casting billet area of the steel mill has realized unmanned operation, and the intelligent level has been significantly improved: the production document is fully electronic, and the production data is visualized, which greatly improves the production efficiency and accuracy. The system not only improves the production efficiency and accuracy, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Radium intelligent billet system can create millions of dollars of economic benefits for steel mills every year.

The system brings 5 major benefits:

01 Job optimization

The transformation from multi-person collaborative work to one person monitoring greatly reduces labor costs.

02 Energy saving and consumption reduction

Rollers operate on demand, reducing energy consumption by 60%, and reducing spare parts consumption such as motors and rollers by 20%.

03 Scrap optimization

The system accurately locates the abnormal billet position, the accuracy is ±50mm, effectively reduces the cutting waste, and improves the billet yield.

04 Intelligent Scheduling

To achieve intelligent scheduling for blank anomalies, the automatic utilization rate is as high as 99%, to ensure stable and reliable operation of blank.

05 Digital casting blank

The process parameters are bound to the corresponding position of the casting billet, all the process data of any section of the casting billet can be viewed at any time, and a unique code can be established for each casting billet. After cutting, the casting billet can be tracked in real time with the code, and the virtual number can be transmitted to the rolling steel, which can realize the visualization of continuous casting production and significantly improve the management efficiency.

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